USA Living makes it easier for those who have limited resources to enhance their lifestyle by getting the credit they need to start loving the way they live. Even if you have been turned down for credit at other places, we can help you get the credit you need to get the things you want today.

Here’s how

  • In-house financing. You don’t need a credit card to buy from USA Living. We offer our own in-house financing which you can use in any of our stores to buy a wide array of merchandise.
  • Fast, easy credit approvals. It’s easy to fill out a credit application online or in any of our stores. In many cases, you can get approved for credit within 10 minutes.
  • Broad array of brand-name products.  We offer everything you need to enhance your lifestyle — including top brand names in TVs, smartphones, computers, gaming systems, furniture, tires, appliances, jewelry and more.
  • Affordable payment options. We’ll help you set up affordable payments for your purchases. We offer a variety of different financing plans as well as personalized assistance choosing which is right for you.
  • Credit rebuilding opportunities. While we can make getting credit easier, we won’t extend you more credit than we reasonably believe you can manage. And because USA Living reports payments to all three credit bureaus monthly, your timely payments may be able to help you improve your credit standing faster.
  • 0% interest for six months. If you pay off your purchase within six months, you won’t even have to pay any interest charges. (See store for details.)
  • No prepayment penalties. We’ll never assess any penalties if you pay off your purchases sooner than scheduled.

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